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Backend Engineer - NodeJS

RemotePortugal, Lisboa, REMOTEEngineering

Job description

The Air Apps team is hiring highly motivated teammates to help build, maintain and market our mobile applications. We are a 100% remote company with just over 50+ employees working across the globe every single day to build products that enrich people's lives. We combine the simplicity and greatness of Apple products by creating utility and productivity apps that make people's lives easier. Our portfolio contains Translate Now & Calculator Air, both the fastest-growing apps in their category. Our apps have been downloaded over 90 million times and received over 2 million ratings with an average of 4.7 stars.


At Air Apps, we intend to make people's life easier by offering software solutions that allow people to perform their daily activities in work, social, fitness, and learning right from their mobile devices.

About the role

We are looking for a Back-end NodeJS Developer who will design, develop and maintain server-side solutions to support our front-end teams. These solutions include interfacing with third parties services, cloud services, NoSQL, and SQL Databases. You will have the opportunity to unleash your passion for developing creative and efficient solutions that support the company's rapid growth. At AirApps, we are obsessed with our customers' satisfaction, which is why we insist on having the highest standards. We value, above all, transparency and accountability in our relationship, the foundation of our strong team, integrated and free to recognize errors and get help to fix them quickly. If you are interested in a long-term collaboration set in a fast-paced environment where you will constantly be challenged, then look no further! Join us.


  • Write reusable, testable, clear, and efficient code
  • Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant processes
  • Integration of third parties services, cloud services, and data storage solutions, including NoSQL and SQL Databases (MongoDB and PostgreSQL)
  • Ensure data privacy and security throughout the Backend solution
  • Run diagnostic tests, bug fixing, and improvement of low performant processes
  • Document processes, integrations, and DB schemas
  • Keep informed of advancements in the field of Backend solutions
  • Recommend and implement improvements to processes and technologies

Expected daily activities

  • 80% Coding, Testing, PRs reviewing;
  • 15% Checking production bugs and performance;
  • 5% Managerial tasks - Planning, Organising, and Controlling tasks

Typical daily tasks are, but are not limited to:

  • Coding, testing, PRs reviewing, Documenting
  • Check production environment logs for Bugs and Performance issues
  • Planning, Organising, Controlling and Reporting your tasks
  • Keep updated in the fields of Backend, NodeJS, Programming techniques, and solutions

Your opportunity

We offer a fully remote, results-driven work style that enhances productivity and quality, providing excellent work-life balance. We also have great opportunities to connect within our international team through coffee calls, team meetings, and hackathons.

  • Proven startup with significant ambitions
  • Highly competitive salary and bonuses
  • Flexible work environment, 100% remote
  • Apple hardware environment
  • USD100.00 Monthly allowance (Home office, Learning, Wellness)
  • USD350.00 Home office set up
  • Retreats - We plan to hold a yearly get together (COVID19 - when safe again)

Statutory benefits

  • Health insurance (or your country's standard)
  • 24 Annual vacation days (or your country's standard)
  • 4 weeks sick leave (or your country's standard)
  • 4 weeks parental leave (or your country's standard)
  • National holidays (or your country's standard)
  • 40 Hours work-week (or your country's standard)
  • Plus any other statutory benefit in your country

Job requirements

You are passionate about building world-class software. You aspire to join an energetic team in a fast-growing startup to build and grow products at scale. Your desired skills and experience include:

  • Proficient in English
  • Excellent ability to work independently
  • 3 years of professional experience with NodeJS development
  • Understanding of asynchronous and event-driven programming
  • Proficiency in Typescript
  • 2 years as a Backend developer
  • Proficiency in building and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Great knowledge of Git Flow, CI/CD, unit testing, and TDD
  • Self-starting, self-motivated, self-directed, and self-sufficient
  • Possess excellent DB design skills
  • Exceptional learning skills
  • Be up to date with the latest NodeJS and Backend environment trends, features, and requirements
  • Enthusiasm for designing creative and efficient solutions for problems related to latency, high availability, and high volume issues
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience


The job requires operating in small teams, in a highly dynamic and remote environment. Working remote means that you need to, at least, manage one person - yourself. You must be able to, including but not limited to:

  • Work effectively with multi-functional and international teams
  • Work highly collaborative, without any micro-management necessary
  • Use Slack and other remote communication/reporting tools
  • Implement and structure a remote working routine
  • Discipline and manage yourself
  • Communicate heavily about statuses and issues
  • Combine work and life in a healthy and productive flow
  • Juggle multiple projects at the same time
  • Work agile and fast, very fast
  • Receive and provide constructive feedback
  • Embrace changes
  • Find the needle in the haystack and solve problems methodically

What Happens Next?

We expect to review your application ASAP. You'll hear from us within 2-3 days if we decide to invite you to a technical exercise. The exercise is representative of the kind of day-to-day work you'd be doing on the team. We usually only invite candidates to this stage that meet minimum standards, and those candidates should expect to spend about 2-3 hours completing this test.

The next phase of the hiring process will be a video interview with our people operations manager (approx. 30 min). You and she will talk through your background and your approach to remote, teamwork and Air Apps. After the people interview, the top candidates will proceed to the team interview stage. You'll talk with 1-2 members of the team about your technical knowledge, experience and discuss the position (approx. 1h).

The top candidates will proceed to the final interview stage. You'll talk to the leadership team and will align yours and the company's expectations. We aim to make an offer 3-5 days after your final interview.

Please note that we're unable to offer individual feedback during the process. We usually see 1,000+ applications, and our team can't provide personalized feedback. It is a demanding application process. We appreciate you giving us that consideration, and we promise to provide you with our full attention in return. We look forward to hearing from you!


This position is fully REMOTE, no re-allocation or visa sponsorship is provided. You will be able to work from anywhere; however, you will be hired in your legal country of residency.